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About is dedicated to dispelling the myth — and sometimes running joke — that the network is usually the source of unknown and errant behavior in applications.

The application itself (through not accounting for likely exceptions to data issues or incomplete coding in extreme cases ) is the usual suspect when chasing down the root cause of errors that yield the infamous “General Network Error” when the app or its underlying framework have no better idea for what went wrong.

Although the network is far from fault-free, and bad network design and poor operational processes are leading contributors toward common networking issues, we explore and discuss Networking Best current Practices (NetBcP) to reduce network fingerpointing before applicaton errors come up (or to close network gaps when the finger is correctly pointed in the right direction).

This site promotes best current practices in networking through either direct involvement of networking technologies or through research in areas of interest.

The author is a Network Engineer in the trenches, specializing primararily (as will become obvious) in Cisco Systems hardware (and, honestly, a bit biased in that direction so you’ve been warned).  Over 15 years in direct network engineering design/support and 25 years overall in IT. 

I currently manage the network for a number of large and well-known automotive web sites that provide research tools for consumers on both new and used vehicles, and dealer services such as lead generation, aggregation, and delivery. 

The forums are vendor-agnostic, so all topics are welcomed as long as they pertain to and promote good networking practices and discussions. 

This site expresses only personal opinions that are not endorsed by and do not represent the opinion or viewpoints of any company affiliations.



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