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End-of-Life (EoL) for the Cisco ACE Load-Balancer

CRN quoted Cisco as confirming rumors about the ACE being dead.

Cisco has decided it will not develop further generations of its ACE load-balancing products.

I suppose I was cursed from the start with the Cisco ACE Module. In late 2006 / early 2007, I attempted to rollout a couple of ACE10 modules after getting a great many assurances that the product was ready for prime-time since it had only been released 9 months earlier; the claim was the platform was stable and on v3 of the code. 

Unable to launch a new site after running into a couple of severe bugs, we had to ditch the ACE Modules and find another load-balancer.  We encountered bugs in the platform from not being able to persist persistent connections for L5 rules to randomly resetting the TCP MSS to values greater than negotiated in the beginning of the flow for which firewalls didn’t take kindly too.

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