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ICS comes with Cisco VPN compatibility [finally]

After upgrading my Xoom WiFi from Google’s Androide Honeycomb tablet OS to Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 (ICS IML77), a functional Cisco-compatible VPN no longer eludes me.  I’ve got Cisco VPN3005s deployed — yes, they are EOL (end of life) — and read in the past how the 3005 would never work with Android.

My intial attempt of VPN with ICS looked promising, but was short-lived.  After quickly configuring an IPSec/PSK connection with the IPSec Identifier left at default which reads “not used”, I connected to the Base Group with a default IPSec group password set.  I saw from logs that ICS was trying to connect to connect to the VPNC_Base_Group which turns out to be the internal name of the Base Group, but then I’d get a user password error associated with the group name.

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