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general > The SSD Invasion

SSD drives are making huge inroads in the personal computer market and the enterprise is following suit. I recently ordered a Samsung 840 Pro SSD 128GB that's on its way from Santa Amazon. My only concern with SSDs are the write-cycle. I'm worried less about this than SSDs in our enterprise SAN (HP 3PAR) as this drive is going to replace my main disk in Windows for my home desktop. I already have another SATA drive installed which I already use for the swap space and other storage. No swap goes to the boot disk. With the SSD, I'm going to experiment with keeping the page file on the regular HDD, but if I have excessive swapping and disk latency, either the swap space will go to the SSD or I'll add more RAM to reduce the need for swapping in the first place.

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Nov 25, 2012 at 1:30 | Registered Commentergeneralnetworkerror

Excellent SSD post from Microsoft at Support and Q&A for Solid-State Drives. Although written back in 2009, it's still very relevant as SSD market has really taken flight the last few years. This article targets Windows 7, and much like Windows XP, I have my doubts of Windows 8 adoption in the timeline that Microsoft would like.

Dec 4, 2012 at 0:47 | Registered Commentergeneralnetworkerror